Night lights for scurrying cats.

I recently picked up the new Piko light from Lupine to illuminate my night rides. It's a diminutive little bugger. I was pretty surprised by its waifs figure. My last light I got from Lupine in 2006, the Wilma, was quite the beast of it's time. The head unit alone weighs as much as the Piko does with a battery.

In 2006 the Wilma had 380 lumens. Over time I upgraded that light to 700 lumens and it was a great light. It has held up for six years and probably has many more left.

Recently I wanted to upgrade again and when I got in touch with the distributer at Gretna Bikes about getting a smaller battery he pretty much told me I had no choice but to take the Piko. Not one to refuse commands from one of the best light makers in the world I accepted and can't believe what I have in my possession now.

It's light (as in weighs nothing)! And has 900 lumens. That's not a chart topper lumen, but for me it's all I need to ride some trail and have a blast. I think the only reason to go higher than 1000 lumens is only to avoid having a shadow created by the guy with a 2600 lumen light behind me.

Don't let the seasonal effective disorder catch up to you. Get a light and go ride!

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