Coaching Services and Rates

1 on 1 Skills Coaching: We will step into the woods or onto an obstacle course with our bikes and practice performing specific skills. Including but not limited to braking techniques, cornering, climbing, rock gardens, log hopping, bunny hopping, body position. $70 hr, $120 2hrs, $300 for 6hrs in 3 sessions, and youth rates. Ask about discounts for bike industry employees. 

Group Skills Sessions: Larger groups and times can be negotiated. Traveling costs will need to be factored in according to distance from Philadelphia.
2hr sessions, $300; 4hrs $400; 6hrs $500

Ride-Alongs: For road and Mountain: You can learn a lot from having someone ride with you and give tips on technique. It's also extremely valuable to have someone to follow to "watch their lines" on the mountain bike. I learned most of my riding by watching what other people did. It's also an opportuntiy to figure out if you are properly doing the training ride your coach prescribed for the day. Your coach may not be in the same town as you or may be unavailable to ride with you when you would like. I'll work with your coach to provide you feedback and them critical information about what you are doing on the bike. A ride-along is less intense than a Skills Lesson but will provide another dimension of analysis and information for you to become a better more efficient rider.
$40hr for local rides.

Training Camps: There is nothing like spending a block of days with friends or other like minded people riding hard and getting stronger each day. Training camps are good for preparing for an upcoming event or establishing an early season base. Camps are customizable and can be formed to fit your schedule. From two days to a full week, the camps can be on road or mountain bikes and will be established soon. Prices vary depending on needs and location. Look for upcoming 100 miler training camps. 

Ride Guide: I have spent years exploring riding options in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware and Virginia. Especially in Pennsylvania there are many known riding areas that have no trail markings. If you are looking for a unique adventure or want to ride an area you are unfamiliar with, I can take you there. Rates are dependent on location and time.

*I'm flexible so make a suggestion if you have a different idea.
**Usually there will be an additional charge to cover expenses for all rides outside of the Philadelphia area.**

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