When it snows it's time to slide!

     We are looking to get 6+ inches of snow tomorrow. What to do? Get some xc skis and get exploring. XC skis are a great way to cross train for your cycling season plus they allow you to explore places you never expected to get to. Ski through the Wissahickon, down Mt. Misery in Valley Forge or straight up your street to the store.
      Besides a good aerobic workout, you get a serious quad, hamstring and balance workout.

Go to Buckman's or other ski shop and get your gear together today! After last years snow fall I put my cheap 5 year old skis to the test and managed to ski about 30+ days. Valley Forge, Wissahickon, Marsh Creek, Belmont Plateau and Allegheny ave. On the last day of good sking I ripped the bindings out while making turns into a tree. I promised myself an upgrade and managed to sell some extra things to get a pair of Alpina Discovery skis with a full metal edge. I wanted a little heavier duty set up than my last since I don't particularly follow the groomed path.

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