2014 Skills Camps and Clinics

I hope the most recent burst of cold and snow hasn't iced too many spirits. It's tough to still the fidgets when one of our favorite activities is taken from you. If you haven't tried Cross Country Skiing then I strongly recommend it as a blues killer. I was really looking forward to skiing this year as I had a feeling the snow would be coming after two pretty dry years.

Unfortunately the ACL surgery took me out of that dream. Instead I've been dreaming up more camps and clinics for the coming year. Here is a preliminary taste of what is to come. I'll have registration up soon. So go ahead and mark your calendars. 

  1. February 22nd-23rd: Pennsylvania: Endurance Sports Expo: Free clinics Saturday and Sunday. http://www.endurancesportsexpo.com/about.html
  2. March 7th-9th: Florida; Santos Fat Tire Festival. Free clinics all weekend in the warm Florida winter! http://omba.org/
  3. March 15th-18th: Georgia; Clinics at the Southeast Bike Expo in Conyers GA! These are $10 each. http://sebikex.com/
  4. March 28th-30th: PA; School of Hard Rocks. Michaux State Forest! http://www.fastforwardracingproductions.com/p/michaux-mtb-school.html
  5. April 12th-13th, 19th-20th, 27th-28th: National Championship Camps at Bear Creek. Different Categories catered to each weekend.
  6. Thursdays in May: 8th, 15th, 22nd. Skills Clinics at Bear Creek For Nationals preparation. 
  7. May 16th, 17th, 18th: Dirt Fest. Free clinics.
  8. June Thursdays. Practice races at Bear Creek. 
  9. July 25th-27th: Shenandoah Valley Training Camp. Endurance training to get you ready for long day's in the saddle and stage races. 
National Championships Preparation; Camps, Clinics, and Practice Races

The Nationals Camps are broken down by category to really tackle the needs of each ability level. Expect two full days of dissecting the course. Finding your strengths and weakness. Talking about strategy, nutrition, and of course dedicating lots of times to the skills you want to dial in the most. These camps are designed to give you an edge that will live long after Nationals. 

For people who are on the edge of their categories we can discuss what camp you might want to be in. If you're crushing your group or really just pulling up the rear maybe you'll want to choose a different camp. 

Limited to 6 people per camp. All camps are Coed. Free logo shirt from Club Ride Apparel for each attendee. It'll look something like this.

Cost: $300 per person. Look for hotel room discounts for Bear Creek. 
  1. April 12th-13th: Cat 1: Ideal for you Cat 1/ Elite racers looking to get an edge. It's that 1-2% that makes the difference between spots on the results sheet.
  2. April 19th-20th: Category 2: You've got experience now it's time to find that extra gear. 
  3. April 27th-28th: Category 3: So what if your lungs can't expand a pilates ball in one breath. Your riding might have the most room for improvement to get you free spots through technique and not just muscle!
Skills Clinics: $45 each session or $120 for all three. 
May 8th, 15th, and 22nd are Skills Clinic Thursdays. We'll be meeting at 5:30 or 6 depending on the light and do 2hr skills clinics. Limited to 10 people each clinic. Each session will cover a course specific subject. 

Practice Races: $10 a race
Every Thursday in June and then on Thursday July 10th we will hold a practice race at the mountain. Each race will tackle a different section of the course to really dial in the lines. 

So far thats what we got scheduled! Look for more events on the TakeAim Cycling Meetup group. Registration will open soon. 

Feel free to contact me now about scheduling individual or group clinics for yourself or your group! 

Be well and stay strong. Get in that gym or on those skis.