Don't ride here!

It's that flip-flopping time of year. Trails are freezing at night, thawing in the day. If you can get out early when frozen. It's the most fun. If the trails are wet, avoid them. If only a section is wet, walk it. If you make ruts and they freeze for the winter, you're gonna pay when the trail is frozen and you should be railing but get tossed because you couldn't control the urge to ride in the mud!


Going to the Canary Islands in Feburary! Come along!

Takeaim Cycling and BiciFitness are leading another training camp in Spain this year! This time we will be in the Canary Islands where the weather's perfection is only trumped by the spectacular roads on this volcanic island.

We will be leading two camps. Feb 11-18 and the 18-25th. Both camps will be all about climbing and decending. Unlike other cycling camp destination islands like Maljorca, Tenerife is an unknown gem with a more relaxed atmosphere. We will help refine your riding skills and give your season a serious kick start. That being said, don't sit on the couch until the day you fly. If you are going to enjoy this trip you need to be prepared. That's good motivation to stay fit through the cold winter months!

Our prices are a bargain compared to many camps out there. Check out the site at www.bicifitness.com!