Winter Ready?

It's been a bit and I find that we are now into a full-blown fall. Next week the temperatures at night will drop into the 40's and that's only a prelude to the dreaded 30ยบ morning rides. How are you going to prepare?

I figured I throw a few shoe suggestions your way and let you knock them around in your head. The first thing to remember is that winter boots require an investment, but it's likely they'll stick with you for many winters to come.

My boots have been with me since 2007. I don't like them that much, but they work and I couldn't justify buying new ones until they fell apart. In the meantime I've watched my friends slip into many varieties of comfy boots and the general discourse has filtered out a few key pair of boots that are high on my list to buy.

Things to consider; None more important than the other.

  1. Temperature range
  2. Water resistance
  3. Fit: Here is a good chart to reference. http://www2.bsn.de/cycling/shoe-sizing.html
  4. Reputation
These come in regular and Wide. The MX145 are for milder winter riding, but the MXZ303 will be there for you when the temps drop into the single digits. 

Don't hesitate to get your shoes now before the weather gets real. It's pretty common for shops to sell out by the time the harshest weather is here.

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  1. Have you heard much about the Northwave series of winter shoes? I've had very good luck (and good fit) with Northwave shoes, both road and MTB. I've read some good reviews on the Celsius Arctic GTX and their other Gore-Tex shoes, though I haven't heard any personal accounts.