Delayed Reactions

Lately as I've been taking more and more people out for lessons I've been getting responses about how what we went over is kicking in a couple days later.
I got this message after having a session with a local bike shop employee.

"I want to thank you so much for the training session. It really wasn't a good day for personal log-related bravery - which is a huge and frustrating obstacle for me right now - BUT!!!! I went to Fair Hill yesterday and all your tips and tricks about handling and cornering really really came into play and I felt like everything in that realm suddenly made so much more sense! That was a great day on a bike! I feel like I am walking on air."

I'm the one who is walking on air after hearing things like that.  Her experience, highlights the fact that sometimes it may not feel like you are getting something that someone is trying to explain but chances are high that it will make sense later. 

I don't mind if there is a delayed reaction to what I teach. When your body is used to doing one thing, asking it to change patterns might seem hard to do. If it feels right when you get it then keep trying. This is where practice comes in! Always go out soon after a lesson and practice what we went over! You're fun meter will thank you later!

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